Island Moving Company Ballet "Surrender"


A Collaborative Work

This is some of the most exciting work I have done. It is a dual setting for a pair of dance pieces performed by the Island Moving Company dancers at the Nazarian Theatre at RI College (Prov)

Program Notes:

In June, Miki Ohlson, of Island Moving Company and Robert Kieronski, a kinetic light sculptor based in Newport, RI, met to discuss a dance diptych for the 30 October IMC performance at Rhode Island College.

Their collaboration evolved into a high-tech creation with original animated graphics. The first movement has dancers performing beneath a large projection of computer animation inspired by the work of Dadaist painters, Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp.

Between world wars, during a time of political unrest, the Dadaists witnessed the arrival of the mechanical age. Their art-work, while intending to be anti-art, reacts with both beauty and angst to the changes of the time. The techno-rhythm of the dance evokes this edge.

At the end of the first movement, the projected images transform into a large light sculpture with shifting streams of color. Intense colors mesh with the dancer’s movements to provide a resolution of serenity, a departure from the intensity of real existence.

We are reminded of the words of playwright Oskar Schlemmer, who observed, “Everything which can be mechanized is mechanized. …The result … is our recognition of that which can not be mechanized.”

A short excerpt of the overhead video projection done during the performance can be seen here: