Morning Annunciator

The whirr, hum, roar, honk, and crash of our current urban landscape drowns out the simple bucolic sounds of country living. In ages past, families were awakened at the break of dawn by the invigorating sound of a crowing rooster. In this piece, a poetic, kinetic, didactic, eclectic mechanism, transports the viewer back to that earlier time.

It is said that the rise of rubber chickens began with the demise of the family farm in America. Morning Annunciator combines that iconic recollection along with an electromechanical evocation of the distinctive rooster call. It fulfills an innate yearning for a lost experience. The drop-leaf digital clock tracks the diurnal cycle and may be set to the appropriate time for crowing to begin. Alternatively, by pressing the yellow button, the viewer may directly experience a personal connection with the rooster of dawn.